best flat top grill for camping

Best Flat Top Grill for Camping

Are you an avid camper who loves the thrill of outdoor cooking? If so, finding the best flat top grill for your camping adventures can make all the difference in creating mouthwatering meals under the open sky.

A flat top grill offers versatility, even heat distribution, and a spacious cooking surface to prepare a wide range of delicious dishes while enjoying the great outdoors.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of selecting the perfect flat top grill that suits your camping needs.

Whether you’re a seasoned outdoor chef or a beginner, our comprehensive guide will help you make an informed decision and elevate your camping culinary experience.

Let’s dive in.

Best Flat Top Grill for Camping

Blackstone Gas Griddle Cooking Station

The Blackstone Gas Griddle comes to the rescue with its genius rear grease trap. It collects all that greasy goodness, keeping your campsite tidy and making clean-up a breeze.

And speaking of ease, the battery-powered push-button ignition is a game-changer. No more fussing with matches or lighters! With just a simple press, you’ll have a reliable flame to cook up a storm. It’s perfect for those early morning breakfasts, lazy afternoon lunches, and hearty dinners under the stars.

The controllable heat zones are another fantastic feature. Whether you’re searing steaks or simmering a delicate sauce, this griddle lets you have full control. Say goodbye to uneven cooking and hello to perfectly grilled masterpieces.

Plus, the Blackstone Gas Griddle is built to last with its powder-coated black steel frame. It can handle the rough and tumble of camping life, ensuring that it’ll be your trusty cooking companion for many seasons to come.

However,  the griddle may not work as well in its second season. 


  • Patented rear grease trap for easy clean-up
  • Battery-powered push-button ignition for hassle-free start-ups
  • Perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Controllable heat zones for precision cooking
  • Durable powder-coated black steel frame for long-lasting use


  • Potential performance decline in the second season

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Camp Chef Flat Top Grill

The non-stick, ready-to-cook surface of this flat-top grill makes grilling a breeze. 

Say goodbye to stubborn food sticking to the grill, as this surface ensures easy flipping and turning of your delicious campfire creations. 

Plus, the six 12,000 BTU stainless steel burners offer plenty of cooking power, allowing you to prepare a feast for your hungry crew in no time.

One thing that truly sets this grill apart is its easy cleanup. Thanks to the grease management system, you can kiss those messy grilling sessions goodbye. The system efficiently channels away excess grease, ensuring your cooking area stays tidy and making cleanup a cinch. After all, who wants to spend valuable camping time scrubbing away at a greasy grill?

However, the Camp Chef Flat Top Grill may run a little hot at times. 


  • Non-stick surface for hassle-free cooking
  • Powerful stainless steel burners for efficient grilling
  • Easy cleanup with the grease management system
  • Versatile and spacious cooking area for preparing meals of any size
  • Portable and durable, perfect for camping adventures


  • May run a little hot at times

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Cuisinart CGG-888 360° Griddle Cooking Center

The folding side table of this griddle is a game-changer. It provides a convenient and sturdy surface to prep your ingredients, making your cooking process smooth and efficient. No more struggling with limited space or balancing utensils on your lap!

With two independently controlled burners, totaling an impressive 30,000 BTUs, you have the power to cook multiple dishes simultaneously. From sizzling bacon and eggs for breakfast to grilling up juicy burgers for dinner, this griddle has got your back. The separate temperature controls give you the freedom to adjust heat levels according to your needs, ensuring perfectly cooked meals every time.

One standout feature is the grease management system. It’s a real game-changer, allowing you to cook without worrying about excessive grease buildup. 

The stainless steel lid with a vent not only helps trap heat for roasting, steaming, baking, or smoking, but it also keeps the grease in check. Say goodbye to messy cleanups and hello to hassle-free cooking!

However, the tray may come out of its slot easily. 


  • Folding side table for easy prep
  • Two independently controlled burners with 30,000 BTUs
  • Efficient grease management system
  • Versatile lid for various cooking methods
  • Quick assembly in 30 minutes or less
  • Backed by a 3-year limited warranty


  • The drip tray may come out of its slot easily

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How to Choose the Best Flat-Top Grill for Camping

How to Choose the Best Flat-Top Grill for Camping

Benefits of Using a Flat-Top Grill for Camping

Before we delve into the selection process, let’s explore the advantages of using a flat-top grill for camping:

  • Versatility: Flat top grills provide a wide cooking surface that allows you to prepare different types of dishes at once, including breakfast foods, burgers, vegetables, and even stir-fries.
  • Even Heat Distribution: Flat-top grills distribute heat evenly across the cooking surface, ensuring consistent cooking results. This eliminates hot spots and enables precise temperature control.
  • Efficiency: These grills are known for their efficient heat retention, which helps conserve fuel and ensures optimal cooking performance.
  • Ease of Use: Flat-top grills are generally easy to operate, making them suitable for both experienced grill masters and beginners. Their straightforward design and user-friendly features simplify the cooking process.

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Considerations for Choosing the Best Flat Top Grill

To select the best flat-top grill for your camping adventures, consider the following factors:

Size and Portability

When camping, it’s important to choose a grill that is portable and suits your available space. Consider the size of the cooking surface and the overall dimensions of the grill. Opt for a grill that strikes a balance between cooking capacity and portability.

Construction Materials

The durability and performance of a flat-top grill depend on its construction materials. Look for grills made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel or cast iron, as they offer excellent heat retention and withstand outdoor conditions.

Heat Distribution and Retention

Even heat distribution is vital for achieving perfectly cooked meals. Check if the grill has heat diffusers or multiple burners that ensure consistent heat across the cooking surface. Additionally, a grill with good heat retention capabilities will help you conserve fuel and maintain the desired cooking temperature.

Cooking Surface

Consider the size and material of the cooking surface. Ideally, the grill should have ample space to cook multiple items simultaneously. Additionally, a non-stick or seasoned cooking surface prevents food from sticking and allows for easy cleanup.

Fuel Type

Flat top grills can be powered by various fuel sources, including propane, charcoal, and electricity. Choose a fuel type that aligns with your camping preferences and the availability of fuel in your camping area.

Maintenance and Care Tips for Flat Top Grills

To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your flat top grill, follow these maintenance and care tips:


Regularly clean the cooking surface with a grill brush or scraper to remove residue and food particles. Wipe down the grill with a damp cloth and mild detergent after each use. Avoid using abrasive cleaners that may damage the surface.


If your grill has a cast iron cooking surface, season it before and after each use. Apply a thin layer of oil and heat the grill to allow the oil to penetrate the surface. This helps create a non-stick coating and prevents rust.


When not in use, store your flat-top grill in a dry and protected area. If possible, cover it with a grill cover to shield it from dust, moisture, and other elements. Proper storage prolongs the lifespan of your grill.


Choosing the best flat-top grill for camping is a decision that can greatly enhance your outdoor cooking experience. Consider factors such as size, portability, construction materials, heat distribution, cooking surface, and fuel type to find a grill that suits your specific needs. Remember to prioritize durability, versatility, and ease of use when making your selection. With the right flat-top grill, you’ll be able to prepare delicious meals and create unforgettable memories during your camping adventures.

Best Flat Top Grill for Camping: FAQs

Can I use a flat-top grill for other outdoor activities besides camping?

Yes, flat top grills are versatile and can be used for various outdoor activities such as tailgating, picnics, and backyard gatherings.

How do I maintain the seasoning on a cast iron cooking surface?

To maintain the seasoning, avoid using harsh chemicals or detergents when cleaning the surface. Instead, use a grill brush or scraper to remove residue and wipe it down with a damp cloth. Reapply a thin layer of oil after cleaning to protect the surface.

Are flat-top grills suitable for cooking delicate foods like fish and vegetables?

Absolutely! The flat and spacious cooking surface of these grills makes them perfect for cooking delicate foods. You can easily control the heat and achieve precise cooking results.

Can I use a flat-top grill indoors?

While some flat-top grills are designed for indoor use, most models are intended for outdoor cooking due to the release of smoke and heat generated during the grilling process. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the usage of the grill.

How long does it take to heat up a flat-top grill?

The heating time varies depending on the fuel type and the specific model of the grill. However, on average, flat-top grills take approximately 10-20 minutes to reach the desired cooking temperature.

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