best backpacks for summer camp

Best Backpacks for Summer Camp (Buyer’s Guide)

Summertime is the perfect season to embark on camping adventures, surrounded by nature’s beauty and warmth. As you prepare for your summer camping trips, one crucial item that should be at the top of your packing list is a high-quality backpack.

A reliable backpack not only helps you carry all your camping essentials but also ensures comfort, convenience, and durability throughout your outdoor escapades.

In this article, we have curated a selection of the best backpacks for camping in summer, taking into account factors such as capacity, features, materials, and overall performance.

Whether you’re planning a short weekend getaway or a lengthy wilderness expedition, these backpacks will serve as your trusty companions, allowing you to fully enjoy the wonders of nature while keeping your gear organized and easily accessible.

Best Backpacks for Summer Camp

Osprey Aether Plus 70

The Osprey Aether Plus 70 comes with an included raincover. We all know how unpredictable summer weather can be, but with this backpack, you can say goodbye to soggy gear. Just whip out the raincover, and your belongings will stay nice and dry.

Another fantastic feature is the front panel access. Say goodbye to digging through your backpack to find that one item buried deep within. With the front panel access, you can easily reach your essentials without having to empty out the entire bag. It’s a real time-saver and keeps you organized on the go.

For those who love trekking and hiking, the Osprey Aether Plus 70 offers a convenient trekking pole attachment. It’s perfect for when you need to free up your hands while tackling steep terrains. And with the side mesh pockets and zippered hipbelt pockets, you can keep your water bottle, snacks, and other small items within easy reach throughout your adventure.

Hydration is key during those hot summer days, and this backpack has got you covered. It features a hydration reservoir sleeve, so you can stay hydrated on the trail without missing a beat. No need to fumble with water bottles when you can sip on the go!

Now, let’s talk comfort and quality. The Osprey Aether Plus 70 is designed with your comfort in mind. Its ergonomic design and padded straps make carrying even heavy loads a breeze. Plus, the high-quality materials ensure durability, so this backpack will be your trusted companion for many summers to come.

Now, every product has its drawbacks, and the Osprey Aether Plus 70 is no exception. Some users have noted that the side pockets may not securely hold larger water bottles. To work around this, you can consider using a carabiner or a bottle holder attachment to keep your bottle in place.


  • Included raincover keeps your gear dry in unpredictable summer weather
  • Front panel access for easy organization and quick access to essentials
  • Trekking pole attachment for hands-free hiking
  • Side mesh pockets and zippered hipbelt pockets keep small items within reach
  • Hydration reservoir sleeve for convenient on-the-go hydration
  • Comfortable ergonomic design and high-quality materials ensure durability
  • Spacious interior for all your camping gear


  • Side pockets may not securely hold larger water bottles

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TETON Sports Scout 3400

Designed specifically for people like you who want to experience the great outdoors during the sunny season, this backpack offers a range of features that will make your camping experience a breeze.

First off, the TETON Sports Scout 3400 is perfect for those 2-4 day adventures you have planned. With a spacious 3400 cubic inches (55 L) capacity, it provides ample room to pack all your essential gear.

Whether you’re bringing along your trusty sleeping bag, extra clothing layers, or cooking equipment, this backpack has you covered. Plus, weighing just 4.5 pounds (2 kg), it won’t weigh you down as you explore the wilderness.

One of the standout features of this backpack is its multi-position torso adjustment. It ensures a comfortable fit for a wide range of body sizes, so you can wear it for extended periods without discomfort. No more sore shoulders or strained back muscles, allowing you to fully enjoy your camping adventure.

The TETON Sports Scout 3400 also comes equipped with a sleeping bag compartment, compression straps, and exterior pockets. These strategic packing options make organizing your gear a breeze.

You can keep your sleeping bag separate from the rest of your items for easy access, and the compression straps help secure everything in place. The exterior pockets are perfect for stashing your water bottle, snacks, or other essentials you need to grab on the go.

Now, let’s address the potential drawback. Some users have found the sleeping bag compartment to be a bit small. However, fear not! With some careful packing and utilizing the extra space in the main compartment, you can still fit your sleeping bag comfortably.

Alternatively, you can consider using a compression sack to reduce the bulk of your sleeping bag, allowing for more room in the compartment.


  • Ample 3400 cubic inches (55 L) capacity for 2-4 day adventures
  • Lightweight design at just 4.5 pounds (2 kg)
  • Multi-position torso adjustment for a comfortable fit
  • Sleeping bag compartment, compression straps, and exterior pockets for organized packing
  • Integrated Rainfly to protect your gear from the elements


  • The sleeping bag compartment may be a little small

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N NEVO RHINO Internal Frame Hiking Backpack

The N NEVO RHINO Internal Frame Hiking Backpack is crafted from 100% nylon, ensuring durability and resistance to wear and tear. With a generous 50L capacity, it strikes the ideal balance between being roomy enough to carry all your camping essentials while still maintaining a lightweight design at just 2.65 lbs. You won’t have to worry about feeling weighed down on those long hikes.

One of the standout features is its smart storage system. The N NEVO RHINO backpack boasts a separated pocket for your sleeping bag, keeping it easily accessible when it’s time to set up camp.

Additionally, there’s a bottom pocket dedicated to a rain cover, ensuring that sudden summer showers won’t put a damper on your adventure. Plus, the streamlined suspension system and breathable mesh padding on the back, shoulder straps, and hip belt provide optimum comfort, even during extended treks.

Now, every product has its drawbacks, and the stitching on this backpack might not handle overstuffing as well as you’d hope. To overcome this, it’s recommended to pack your gear thoughtfully, distributing the weight evenly across the backpack. By doing so, you can ensure the stitching stays intact and your belongings remain secure throughout your trip.


  • Lightweight and spacious design
  • Durable 100% nylon construction
  • Thoughtful storage compartments for sleeping bag and rain cover
  • Comfortable suspension system with breathable padding


  • Stitching may not handle overstuffing

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Kelty Hiking Daypack

With a generous 35L space, the Kelty Hiking Daypack ensures you can pack all your essentials without feeling weighed down. Whether it’s your extra clothes, camping gear, or a snack stash to keep you energized, this pack has got you covered. Plus, weighing in at just 790 grams, you won’t be burdened by unnecessary weight on your back.

Now, here’s a feature that’ll make a real difference during those hot summer hikes – hydration compatibility. The Kelty Daypack is designed to accommodate your hydration bladder, allowing you to sip on refreshing water while you conquer those trails. No more fumbling around with water bottles, just convenient and easy access to hydration whenever you need it.

The Fit Pro technology takes this daypack to a whole new level. It provides a quick and customized torso fit for each user, ensuring optimal comfort and support. No matter your body shape or size, the Kelty Daypack can be adjusted to fit you perfectly. Say goodbye to uncomfortable straps and hello to a snug and tailored fit.

To keep you cool and dry even in the summer heat, the Amp Flow ventilated back panel is a game-changer. It allows air to circulate between your back and the pack, preventing that dreaded sweaty feeling. So, you can hike with ease, knowing that your back will stay comfortably cool throughout your adventure.

Now, let’s address the one potential drawback – the absence of a thermos pocket on the side. We understand how handy it is to have a dedicated spot for your thermos, especially when you want to keep your drinks hot or cold.


  • Spacious 35L capacity for all your camping essentials
  • Lightweight design at just 790 grams
  • Hydration compatibility for easy access to water
  • Fit Pro technology for a customized and comfortable fit
  • Amp Flow ventilated back panel keeps you cool and dry
  • Sturdy aluminum stay in the external frame ensures durability


  • No dedicated thermos pocket

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How to Select the Best Backpacks for Summer Camp (Buyer’s Guide)

How to Select the Best Backpacks for Summer Camp (Buyer's Guide)

When embarking on a camping trip, having a suitable backpack is essential for carrying all your camping essentials, including clothing, food, sleeping gear, and other equipment. It’s crucial to select a backpack that suits your needs, provides comfort, and ensures durability during your outdoor adventures.

Determining Your Needs and Activities

Before purchasing a backpack, it’s important to consider the specific requirements of your camping trip. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How long will your camping trip last?
  • What type of camping activities will you engage in?
  • Will you be carrying specialized equipment, such as hiking gear or photography equipment?

Understanding your needs and activities will help you determine the appropriate backpack size, features, and durability required.

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Understanding Backpack Capacities

Backpacks come in various sizes and capacities, typically measured in liters. The capacity you choose depends on the duration of your camping trip and the amount of gear you need to carry. Here are some general guidelines:

  • Daypacks: Suitable for day trips or short overnight stays (20-35 liters).
  • Weekend Packs: Ideal for weekend camping trips (35-50 liters).
  • Multiday Packs: Designed for extended camping trips (50-70 liters).
  • Expedition Packs: Geared towards long-term wilderness adventures (70+ liters).

Consider your camping itinerary and pack accordingly to ensure you have enough space for all your essentials.

Considering Fit and Comfort

A well-fitting backpack is crucial for your comfort and overall experience during camping. Look for the following features to ensure a proper fit:

  • Adjustable straps: Shoulder straps, sternum straps, and hip belts should be adjustable to distribute the weight evenly.
  • Padding and ventilation: Opt for backpacks with cushioned padding and breathable materials to prevent discomfort and excessive sweating.
  • Load distribution: The backpack should distribute weight evenly across your shoulders and hips.

Remember to try on different backpacks and adjust the straps to find the most comfortable fit for your body.

Exploring Backpack Materials

The material of the backpack plays a vital role in its durability and weather resistance. Look for backpacks made from high-quality materials such as nylon or polyester. These materials are lightweight, water-resistant, and offer excellent durability for outdoor use.

Additionally, consider backpacks with reinforced stitching and strong zippers to ensure they can withstand the rigors of camping.

Examining Important Features

When selecting a backpack, consider the following features based on your specific needs:

  • Compartments and pockets: Look for a backpack with multiple compartments and pockets to organize your gear efficiently.
  • Hydration compatibility: Some backpacks come with hydration bladder compartments, allowing easy access to water during your hikes.
  • Attachment points: External attachment points, such as loops and straps, are handy for carrying extra gear like trekking poles or sleeping bags.
  • Rain cover: Backpacks equipped with rain covers provide additional protection for your gear during unexpected weather conditions.

Evaluate these features based on your camping style and preferences to choose a backpack that suits you best.

Comparing Brands and Models

There are numerous backpack brands and models available in the market. Research different brands, read customer reviews, and compare the specifications and features offered by each brand. Popular backpack brands known for their quality include Osprey, Deuter, The North Face, and Gregory.

Choosing a reputable brand ensures you invest in a backpack that is built to last and provides excellent performance during your camping trips.

Budget Considerations

Set a budget range for your backpack purchase. While it’s tempting to go for the cheapest option, investing in a high-quality backpack will save you money in the long run. Consider the durability, features, and warranty offered by different brands before making a decision.

Remember, a reliable and durable backpack is a worthwhile investment that will accompany you on numerous camping adventures.

Maintaining and Cleaning Your Backpack

To prolong the lifespan of your backpack, proper maintenance and cleaning are essential. Follow these tips:

  • Empty and clean your backpack after each camping trip.
  • Spot clean stains and dirt using mild soap and water.
  • Avoid machine washing or submerging the backpack in water, as this can damage the material and compromise its waterproof properties.
  • Store your backpack in a cool, dry place to prevent mold and mildew growth.

By taking care of your backpack, you ensure its longevity and reliability for future camping endeavors.

Tips for Proper Packing

Efficient packing is crucial to maximize the space in your backpack and maintain balance. Here are some tips:

  • Utilize packing cubes or compression sacks to organize and compress your clothing and gear.
  • Place heavier items closer to your back to distribute weight evenly.
  • Pack frequently used items in easily accessible compartments or pockets.
  • Secure loose straps to prevent tangling during transport.

Following these packing tips will help you optimize space and ensure a comfortable and balanced backpack.

Backpack Safety and Ergonomics

While selecting a backpack, prioritize safety and ergonomics. Consider the following:

  • Reflective materials: Backpacks with reflective strips enhance visibility during nighttime camping or hiking.
  • Load lifter straps: These straps help adjust the weight distribution and maintain a proper center of gravity.
  • Ergonomic design: Look for backpacks with a design that promotes proper posture and prevents strain on your back and shoulders.

Prioritizing safety and ergonomics will contribute to a safer and more comfortable camping experience.

Reviews and Recommendations

Before making a final decision, read reviews and seek recommendations from experienced campers or outdoor enthusiasts. Their firsthand experiences and insights can provide valuable guidance in selecting the best backpack for camping.


Selecting the best backpack for camping in summers is a crucial decision that impacts your comfort, organization, and overall camping experience. By considering factors such as capacity, fit, materials, features, and budget, you can find the perfect backpack that meets your needs. Remember to maintain and clean your backpack regularly to ensure its longevity. So gear up, pack smartly, and embark on unforgettable camping adventures with the right backpack by your side.

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